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Doug Triplett

Speaker, Teacher, Preacher, Entrepreneur

Doug is a long-time entrepreneur and multiple business owner. He is the founder of Elkhound Media and the founder and host of the Blog Camp Conference. He grew up in his family’s sign business and learned to answer the phone as a business owner not as “Hello, Triplett family”.

Doug got his first computer in 4th grade, a Texas Instruments TI-99/4a. This was an amazing event. Doug taught himself how to program in BASIC and a love was born. Time passed and so did the many of other computers Apple IIe and others. Doug began using the Internet in 1990 when then net consisted of Unix and Vax machines. Sending an email meant telling the server it was going to the net because few people used internet email.

Doug started his first company, WarpGate BBS in the late 90s and was the first dial-up internet provider of its kind in Huntington. Later came stints in teaching, direct sales and finally working in the family business.

Doug has degrees in Social Studies and English Education, Masters degrees in Christian Discipleship and Christian Education. He is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Doug blogs at DougTriplett.com and is the owner of Elkhòund Media and I Teach Games.

An avid comic book collector, game player, writer, and traveler. Doug lives in Huntington WV.

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Laura Prater

Blogger, Mom, Entrepreneur

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